Day 7: Sunday, January 14, 2024

Written by Pastor Andrew

Take a moment to pause, be still, and prepare your heart and mind to receive God’s word. 

READ: Psalm 16:5-11

King David wrote this Psalm and I love how he describes being in the Lord’s presence: he is guarded (v5), unshaken (v8), glad (v9), and safe (v9).

My life’s journey has been to find peace and belonging in the presence of God. For much of my life, I was in a deeply unsafe environment, and following Christ today often means reminding myself of who I am, where I am, and what He has for me (rather than where and who I was in the past). 

That said, often the most comforting thing for me to do is to quiet myself and pray: “Lord, I’m going to purposefully quiet myself for the next ______ [span of time], would you be with me? Show me what you have for me today.” And then, be prepared for all such comforting presence, kind rebuke, or directives for your day!


  • Can you call to mind a time when sitting in the Lord’s presence brought you life?
  • What would it look like for you to grow while sitting in the Lord’s presence?

Take a deep breath and start to clear out your mind. I find grounding exercises helpful here (e.g., be conscious of what your 5 senses are taking in), but do what works for you. Just get to a place where you feel present, then pray: “Father, be with me. Holy Spirit, convict me, guide me, encourage me. Jesus, I want to listen for your voice.” Take some amount of time and sit in the presence of God.

Now that you are present and grounded, reflect with each other on the experience. What might God be prompting you towards? How can you be faithful to God today?