What We Value


The following nine concepts summarize what we value as a community of faith.

The gospel is a living thing that grows and sweeps us along with it. The gospel is both the power for, and shaping factor, of all we do.

We dig deep wells and let people freely drink of living water, rather than build fences and spend time determining who is ‘in’ or ‘out’. We are more concerned with wrestling faithfully, than living perfectly.

We recognize that there are many people in our community who aren’t sure what they believe about Jesus and his claims as they are found in the Bible. Summit is a safe place to ask questions. Our teachings are challenging to believers and skeptics alike. And we believe in engaging in respectful dialogue with those who are curious about faith.

The joy of the Lord is our strength, and as a result we laugh and celebrate together.

We do not see the church as a consumer driven, consumer oriented enterprise. We are a collective of people, partnering together to form a community of transforming grace. Everyone contributes and everyone receives.

We share the gospel as a way of life. Not relying on programmatic elements to do so for us; we encourage faith to grow where life happens, through the telling of an alternative story by how we live.

We love our city, and embrace its people, institutions, and places.

We’re pretty sure we don’t have all the answers, and we can’t do everything we wish we could.

We are dedicated to being down-to-earth as we relate to one another and up front about who we are, never claiming to be something we’re not.