Thanks for your interest in serving!

Your involvement matters because your service makes a difference. Below you’ll find various opportunities to get involved and start serving. Some of these opportunities are here at Summit, within the walls of the church. Others are partnering with our Community Partners; these are non-profit organizations in our city that we partner with for the causes of justice and mercy in our city. Take a look at the different opportunities, find something you’re excited about and follow a few simple steps to start serving.

Serve Our Church

We are passionate about helping people find their unique fit for serving in our church. We want you to find a place where your experiences, skills, and passions can all translate into an area to serve.

To get involved, contact or learn more here:

How do I become a volunteer?

Serve Our City

We are all about partnering with organizations and people in our city who are doing a phenomenal job serving and empowering people. We have a few intentional partners, who we call our ‘Community Partners’. Click Here to see about serving alongside our Community Partners.