We’re about Jesus and loving our city.


Part of running a healthy organization means sticking to our five strategic anchors. We evaluate everything we do through the lens of these anchors. We strategize and plan accordingly, and believe that we are only as strong as our weakest anchor.

We create environments in which people encounter God.

We create well-planned, excellent, spirit-filled opportunities for people to genuinely experience God and His grace. These times include worship, prayer, biblical teaching, and practical application. They are sensitive to the ‘outsider’ while being challenging to the ‘insider’.

We provide resources and tools that grow personal faith.

We encourage those on their journey with Christ toward a rich and vital faith that plays a deep and crucial role in how they work, how they play, how they express themselves creatively, and how they interact with one another relationally. We accomplish this by providing tools, seminars, and resources in a variety of settings and formats.

We facilitate opportunities and coaching that release people to engage God’s mission.

Ephesians 4 calls leaders and churches to raise and release people to fulfill God’s calling for their lives and to equip them to engage God’s mission, also known as the Missio Dei.

WE HELP people discover their unique calling or contribution to the mission of God.

WE PROVIDE tangible opportunities to use gifts and abilities in the active engagement of gospel ministry, (whether that be an aspect of church ministry or cultural renewal through ministries of mercy and justice.)

WE ENGAGE in ongoing coaching and investment in the lives individuals for the purpose of greater kingdom influence.

We gather people together to experience gospel community.

We gather people in a variety of settings and sizes, genders and ages, in order for them to experience the kind of loving, supporting relationships that God intended for them. We call this “gospel community.”


Because the gospel changes our hearts and identities, it makes us into people who can conduct far more transparent, honest, intimate, and loving relationships.


Growth in gospel grace (discipleship) is best done in a community of informal relationships.


The gospel does not merely make us closer in our one-on-one relationships, but also creates a counter-culture, a contrast community in which all can see the difference the gospel makes.

We operate a good business.

We take our responsibility as an organization seriously and seek to operate a fiscally responsible, healthy, and strategically excellent church.