Day 19: Friday, January 26, 2024

Written by Pastor Nathan

Take a moment to pause, be still, and prepare your heart and mind to receive God’s word. 

READ: Ephesians 4:1-6 

Have you ever found yourself so deep in a disagreement with a friend, spouse, or family member that you eventually forget what even started your arguing and the goal quickly became to be right? The apostle Paul lived amongst plenty of conflict and differences in his time, but in the scripture we see him urging us believers to ‘KEEP’ the unity of the Spirit, implying that at our core we are already unified in the essentials of Christ. We all have different personalities, gifts, ideas, and attributes, and yet we have one common thread weaved between all of mankind; Christ’s work on the cross, that gives us life to the full, and allows us to see each other as image bearers.

What are some practical ways we can help keep the unity of the spirit in our relationships? What are ways we can treat someone as an image bearer today? 

Help me today to see and treat everyone I interact with as image bearers of Christ. Remind me in the moments of disunity to fight the fight of KEEPING unity in the Spirit. 

Be aware today of the moments that you can choose to keep unity in your home, your school, your workplace, and your social setting.