Day 6: Saturday, January 13, 2024

Written by Pastor Emily

Take a moment to pause, be still, and prepare your heart and mind to receive God’s word. 

READ: Lamentations 3:19-24

I would imagine I’m not alone in feeling a pressure, or sometimes simply a desire, to forget my suffering, to diminish the awful things I have experienced or witnessed in this broken world. The author in Lamentations plainly says they will never forget their grief; grief is unforgettable and leaves us changed. The book of Lamentations shows us there is an important place for, not only remembering our suffering, but processing the emotions and confusion it brings. The Biblical instruction for us in our suffering is not silence, rather it is to bring the raw, vulnerable, unpolished questions, doubts, and protests to God- to draw near to God even in our disdain. “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.” Our suffering has the capability to draw us closer to our Savior. In our anger, fear, doubts, and tears we dare to hope. And this hope does not silence our suffering, but rather gives it a voice through the form of lament. Lamenting happens now, but we lament remembering that evil does not get the final word. Instead of being consumed by what is terrible, we have fresh mercies each day to comfort and strengthen us. Our trials are not our portion, the Lord is.

You may not be used to exposing your honest emotions and thoughts in God’s presence and it may feel uncomfortable or even wrong. What is one step of faith you can take to process your grief with God? 

What is one way you can dare to hope and remind yourself of God’s new mercies for you, today? 

Lord, thank you for the hope I have in you. Consume me with your love, even as I remember what afflicts me. 

Listen to the song “Always Good” by Andrew Peterson (YouTube) and “The God of Hope” by Slugs and Bugs (for kids)