Day 2: Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Written by Pastor Courtney

Take a moment to pause, be still, and prepare your heart and mind to receive God’s word. 

READ: Genesis 28:10-17 

I find detours to be one of the most inconvenient things. It’s embarrassing how flustered I can get when I have somewhere to be, know how long it’ll take me to get there and what time I’ll arrive and have all my planning disrupted by that glaring orange sign and black arrow. Sometimes life takes us down roads we’d rather not go. In the verses preceding today’s reading we learn that Jacob has left his home in Beersheba and run off to Haran to escape his brother who wanted to murder him. Not the most delightful reason to have to leave home! I wonder how Jacob felt about this forced departure from the road he thought he would travel, from the place he called home, and from the relationships he had built there. Yet it is in this place he did not intend to go, with all the fear and discouragement he likely carried, that the promise given to Jacob’s father and grandfather is reiterated to him (see Genesis 12:1-3 and Genesis 26:3-5). We see Jacob’s surprise at encountering God’s goodness in Haran when he says, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.” Praise God that he is present in unlikely places and delights in giving us good gifts!

Consider a moment in your life when you encountered God in a place you didn’t want to be. Where is the unlikely place in your life currently that you’re not expecting to encounter God’s goodness?

God, I’m often blind to your goodness in my life. Help me to be aware of your presence in unlikely places.

Read Psalm 31:19 together. Take a few moments over a meal or before bedtime to list things you are grateful for and thank God for his goodness toward you.