Day 11: Thursday January 18th, 2024

Written by Pastor Bob

Take a moment to pause, be still, and prepare your heart and mind to receive God’s word. 

READ: Joshua 4:1-7 

I’ve had the privilege for the better part of the last decade to serve the youth at our church, and in a particular capacity of leading student missions trips. Often on these trips, there will be moments in which people will experience big moves of God in their lives. They will witness something miraculous, or there will be something that shifts in which there is freedom given in some area of their life. Many times there will be a depth of relationship that blossoms between unsuspecting friends! Sadly though, over the years the moment will quickly pass by, people will return to their lives and routines, and they will forget what’s taken place— they will forget what they had witnessed God do in their midst.

Piling up rocks may seem like an odd manner in which to remember something that God has done in your life, but the idea of creating a memorial is something that can be really helpful! Consider the photo album (the original “cloud” for photo storage), these books exist so that you can remember something that has previously taken place, as well as they serve as opportunities to share your experiences with other people who may not have been present themselves.

One of the ways that I like to memorialize the missions trips that I go on each summer, is to make a photo collage, and then stick these photos on the cabinet in my office. There have been discouraging times in my life where a glance at these photos can be a reminder of what God’s done in my life, and an encouragement to press forward and to continue trusting him.

Where have you witnessed the hand of God move in your life, possibly even in miraculous ways? What could you do to memorialize one of these moments, to help you remember?

Thank God for the ways that you have witnessed him move in your life, try and recall specific moments and events that you are grateful for his provision, mercy, and strength. Ask him to use you to encourage others with moments where you have witnessed God at work.

There are many ways to memorialize things, one easy way is through journaling. Consider getting a separate notebook or journal, and begin recording moments in your life where you see God move. You will be able to use this journal in the future to recall moments where you have witnessed God at work in your life. Especially in difficult or trying times.