Eastertide: Welcoming the Stranger

Could it be that the stranger who intrudes upon our lives with their “otherness” has actually been sent by God as a means of grace to us?

Pastor Grant on Community & Scripture

When we engage God’s Word with others we are reminded that while our faith in Jesus is deeply personal, it’s also a shared faith.

5 Ways to Embrace Infrequent Church Attenders

Before judgement settles in or you question your calling, consider this…

Measuring Spiritual Growth

A perspective on how to grow as disciples of Jesus

Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table

A unique look at Psalm 23

The Breastplate of St. Patrick:

A tool for your prayer life

Biblical Confrontation

The next video on our Leadership Development Series addressing the ‘Why?’ behind Matthew 18:15

Do Not Quench Him

A timely sermon reminding us of who we’re called to be in our current cultural climate.

How do you help spiritually apathetic people?

Spiritual apathy is a frustrating reality. Here’s some things to consider about those who don’t want to engage.

Tensions in Group Leadership

In this video, Stuart Makinson discusses how to navigate five of the most common tensions faced by group leaders.

Episode 6 | Transformation Through Self-Knowledge and Self-Examination

In this rich discussion straight out of Psalm 139, Ruth provides a clear definition of true self and false self and deals with the unsettling truth that most leaders are hired for their false-self strategies. 

The BEMA Podcast: Trust the Story

A fascinating and comforting podcast on Sabbath rest.