Your involvement matters because your service makes a difference. 

Our hope is that you would be released to engage in God’s mission.  One way is to join a serving team at Summit!

Serving is a great way to connect by becoming a part of a team, and start to forge some new relationships with the Summit community.  You’ll be amazed at how you will grow in relationship with others, as well as the blessing that comes from stepping outside of yourself to serve others!

We do not seek warm bodies to “fill holes.”  In sharp contrast to that way of thinking, we believe that God is nudging you to take a step in a specific direction!  Our belief is that in following God’s leading, you will enter that role and be “filled up” as a result of serving, rather than being depleted.  There are a variety of ways to serve at Summit, but be prepared to visit with our Volunteer Coordinator, who will help you determine which team will be the best fit for you!

Here is what you should expect of us in this process:

Step 1:  Fill out the Volunteer Application

Step 2:  Once received by our team, we will email you a link to complete a Background Check, and contact your References via email with a few simple questions

Step 3:  Be patient! Running your Background check is a relatively quick process, but we do wait for your provided references to respond (that’s usually what takes the most time – so make sure you let your references know to watch their email, and that it’s a quick process for them)

Step 4:  Once all of the above is done, the Volunteer Coordinator will call you for a 10 minute conversation.  This call is meant to get to know you a bit, to answer any questions you might have about Summit, and ultimately to get you placed on a volunteer team!

You might ask yourself “Why are there so many steps to simply volunteer my time at church?”  Here’s the answer: We LOVE our volunteers, and want to make sure that we know you, take time to answer your questions, and that you ultimately get connected to an area of service that you LOVE!   In addition, it’s important that every volunteer that is serving in ANY capacity at Summit be known to us for obvious safety and security reasons!

Thank you for taking the time to get plugged into our community – YOUR community!