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A Grace Observed

A Study in the book of Ruth

There’s a lot going on in this short, 4 chapter book in the Old Testament. To name a few:

  • Ruth supplies us a family tree leading to King David and ultimately King Jesus.
  • Ruth reminds us of God’s instruction to care for widows and foreigners.
  • Ruth affords us a Biblical perspective on racial reconciliation.
  • Ruth highlights the interplay between human decisions and God’s purpose.
  • Character virtues like loyalty, generosity, kindness, and honesty are on display.

The book of Ruth is infused with the grand story of God’s redemption. There are multiple directional arrows throughout the Old Testament that point us to the person of Jesus, Ruth being one of them. As you look at Ruth, there seem to be two foundational points at the narratives core, The book of Ruth foreshadows the gospel and offers us a view of God’s character.

In the story of Ruth we observe the Hesed (character) of God – the loyal love and hidden providence motivated by his care and faithfulness. The grace of God is observable in the lives of human beings. This is not something that’s exclusive solely to the life and time of Ruth… we can observe the hesed of God, his gracious providence and provision in one another’s lives today. 

The hope is that as we familiarize ourselves with this wonderful story, we would grow increasingly attentive in observing and recognizing grace in the lives of those around us as well as our own lives. 


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