Project Description


A Deeply Formed Life

Practicing the Ways of Jesus

Sabbath Rest . Prayer . Fasting . Silence & Solitude . Simplicity . Examining the Scriptures 

Making the decision to follow Jesus is significant, but it doesn’t instantly make us like Jesus. This is a process that plays out over a lifetime. If we desire to become like Jesus, we need to practice the way of Jesus. We need to do what Jesus did and allow his teachings to guide every aspect of our lives. As Jesus followers we’re not supposed to remain the same, we are to be transformed and refreshed by the grace and love of God.

A shallowly formed life:                              A deeply formed life:

• sees forgiveness as optional            • seeks first the Kingdom of God

• loves money, stuff, and things        • gives thanks in all circumstances

• seeks comfort at all costs                 • is slow to anger

• determines its own truths               • walks by faith

• refuses to repent of sin                     • abounds in hope, joy, and peace

• fears death and suffering                 • loves their neighbor

• is about being served,                       • loves God with all its heart, soul, mind, & strength

not serving others

In this series we will study specific rhythms and practices to incorporate into our lives to help us live as fully formed disciples of Jesus, becoming more like him through his transformational love and grace.


March 12th, 2023
March 4th, 2023
February 25, 2023
October 30, 2022
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