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Team Lead / Middle School Pastor

Meet with Andrew:

High School Pastor

Meet with Kristiana:


Meet with Andrew and Kristiana:

Series information coming soon


  • No registration required
  • Describe the worship – teaching – groups flow, but subdivide to talk first about High School and then Middle School
  • Describe the atmosphere a bit: music, foosball tables, other games, friends
  • Three Expectations
  • We’re chill with phones as long as those expectations are honored
  • We typically do not provide food, unless a leader has brought snacks for their group
  • Varies week by week
  • Welcome to hang in vehicles
  • Closed campus
  • Security of our students we don’t allow anyone without a background check to be on campus
  • Email Andrew or Kristiana and we’ll be your bridge person.
  • Leaders always want to meet parents!