A brief snapshot that outlines some of the tangible ways we’ve seen the grace of Jesus work in the lives of people in our community.


This year Summit celebrated our 25 year anniversary. Although our church looks different today than it did a quarter of a century ago, God has continued to exceed our expectation every year.

We are so grateful that we get to be a part of such a beautiful, vibrant community of faith. We believe Summit is special, and it wouldn’t be what it is without the service and sacrifice of people like you!

Below you will find our 2022 annual report to provide you some tangible information that highlights the impact that you are having as a parter of the vision and mission of Summit Church. As you browse this report, we hope you are reminded of the individual lives in our community and around the world that have been impacted because of your generosity, your prayers and your support. 

We are so excited and expectant for what God is going to do in your life and through our church in 2023. 



Average in person attendance between our two campuses


Number of unique views of Summit online services (including 32,624 live views)


Number of downloads of Summit Audio Podcast in over 60 different countries 




Servant leaders volunteered their time to serve our community and city in 2022

Over 2,500

Hours serving our community and city in 2022. That’s over 107 full days (24 hrs) of serving. 

When I first started to usher, while planing the week, I would tell people that I ‘had to usher on Sunday’.  Upon some reflection I now say I get to honor my Lord by ushering for Summit.  I truly am sincere about that.  Being part of the team and serving my Lord is over the top an honor.  I’ve met people that I never would have and get to interact with them.  I’ve seen friends come to service that I had no idea they went to Summit and it is great to see them!  I love to usher and say good morning to the people as they come in.


“I was super nervous to start severing on hospitality. I knew I wanted to be a part of something in the church but being the first face you see walking in scared me and I didn’t think I could enjoy it or even be good at it. I was hoping to just help with coffee and be behind the scenes. So why would I want to do this. I had the thought, ok I’ll do it God but I will probably dread it every time I serve. But God knew I needed this team. 

After the first Sunday I served I left feeling like I was more a part of the church. Not just coming in for service and leaving and I figured out what I love most about it is seeing people’s faces. Seeing all the faces and families. Seeing friends, getting to hug and greet them. Meeting new friends on the team, getting to talk with them and learn a little more about each person. Sometimes God makes you very uncomfortable and pushes you to do things. And I’m so glad He did.”




Community groups (over 250 people) regularly gathered together for gospel community


people attended Alpha


people experienced support, healing & freedom in Christ through opportunities like Summit Premarital, Men’s Recovery, Financial Peace University, Divorce Care, Pure Desire, Betrayal & Beyond


dollars of debt paid off by those attending Financial Peace University in 2022 


hours of organized prayer for our church and city


people baptized at Summit

“Wes and I feel so loved and supported by the church staff and elders and our community group.   Your commitment to prayer and checking in on us regularly was overwhelmingly wonderful!  I fully believe in the power of prayer and importance of the love of the church family.  The peace we experienced through this journey was unreal!  Thank you all once again.”


“Time and again we get to see the fruit from the work God has been doing in people’s lives, become even more visible during their time in Alpha. We’ve seen long time Christians have their assumptions and expectations about who God is and how he works, challenged and expanded. We’ve seen non-believers come to Christ and be baptized. We’ve seen people come into Alpha hesitant or unsure about their faith, and go on to practice prayer, read the Bible and have incredible faith conversations with their parents, classmates and coworkers, they never could have dreamt of before Alpha!”

Pastor Seth


Summit’s first ever 3 day VBS that hosted over 200 kids and included over 100 servant leaders who served a total of 1400 hours to make it happen.

Over 300

families attended Summit’s annual Deck the halls Christmas event


2nd – 6th graders attended Transform Summer Camp

Over 25

students and kids baptized 


junior high + high school students are regularly serving our church and city


High school students participated and served with missions

Summit Kids hosted several family events including our first annual Easter Egg hunt that partnered with Safe Families and raised hundreds of dollars and items for children in need. We hosted an outdoor movie night that raised money for A child’s hope & the annual pumpkin patch was a huge family event that raised money for Bite2go.


“What’s God been teaching you?”

“What comes to mind is Luke 6 verses 30-36. I believe God has been teaching me how to Love as he calls us to. Loving those who don’t love me and who aren’t the most fond of me haha. Another thing God has been teaching me is that my treasure isn’t on this earth but in heaven, and to not take refuge in the things of this world.”

Cruz Barron

“God really revealed himself to me at collide conference, and then collide was the big turning point and I said yes to Jesus. A couple weeks after I got baptized. God has been moving through my life and making me more joyful and appreciating the small things that I hadn’t noticed before.”

Audrey Stanton

“God has taught me so much this past year. The biggest thing I learned was probably that God has a plan is is always present. It is a very simple statement, but I didn’t realize the depth it really had. This summer I got the opportunity to go in a 225 mile bike ride over a span of 5 days, oh my gosh, that was insane, it tested me physically, mentally, but it also grew my faith. It was an insane experience, but I knew that God was with me.”

Isaiah Newman



Total song plays


Top song plays, “All I can sing”


Views from a cover song by Summit MSC at Encounter Night

Click here to check out more from Summit MSC



total given

 in generosity toward community partners, missions, summer camps, church planting and more

$1.36 Million

total given toward generosity over the past 5 years


missionary groups regularly supported across the globe 


gifts given to community partners & Summit families through Christmas giving tags


non-profit organizations were supported through volunteerism or financial support


non-profit organizations are official Summit community partners


Families committed to financially support a community in Honduras through Summit’s partnership with World Vision

Over 200

people volunteered on Summit’s first ever City Serve Day!

“Since 2013, Big Table has had the privilege of serving those in need in the restaurant and hospitality industry with Summit Church in a wide variety of capacities. This past year has included Christmas tags for families, on-going financial support, involvement with pumpkin fest, and much more. A standalone highlight is the Christmas tags for families. Six Big Table families had a very special Christmas, because of you. Beyond the gifts, Summit served up some serious hope to these families as they now know of a larger community who truly cares.”

Chris Deitz, City Director of Big Table Spokane

The Union Gospel Mission is grateful to partner with Summit Church in many ways. In addition to generous monthly financial support, you have blessed us in the following ways:

  • Our residents feel welcome to attend Summit and be involved in ministry.
  • The Congregation came out during Serve Day on June 4 and served at several of our Spokane locations.
  • Many in your Congregation volunteer at UGM on a regular basis investing in the lives of those we serve.
  • You blew us away with your gifts at Christmas. Bags of hats, gloves, socks, underwear, and so much more, which allowed us to give presents to everyone at our Christmas Dinners.

These are just some of the highlights. We are so thankful for Summit Church and the investment you make in the lives of the men, women, and children we serve. Thank you!”

Linda Ziehnert, Director of Community Engagement UGM


As we start the new year, I want to take a moment to voice my heartfelt gratitude. God has remained good and faithful through every up and down, within each twist and turn. These past twelve months have presented challenges and opportunities, but together we have remained hopeful and resilient, seeking the Kingdom of God first. The presence of Jesus has been at work in and through the Summit community. Sometimes in tangibly visible ways and also in ways hidden from our view. I’m grateful to follow Jesus with you.

I’m Looking forward to the year ahead with an overwhelming sense of expectancy. Our faith leads us to believe that the best is yet to come. The Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom propel us into the unknown with a hope that does not disappoint. I’m confident that we have everything needed to navigate this year. The Gospel is still the good news; all the time, no matter what. The scriptures are still true, good, and sufficient. The Holy Spirit continues to comfort, convict, empower, and guide. 

Thank you for being in this with us. Summit wouldn’t be the same without your commitment to our church family. As much as ever, I’m convinced we’re better together! Thank you for continuing to trust Jesus.

In Christ, 

Pastor Grant Bruscoe