A brief snapshot that outlines some of the tangible ways we’ve seen the grace of Jesus work in the lives of people in our community.

IN 2021…

IN 2021…




Number of unique views of Summit online services


Number of downloads of Summit Audio Podcast in 60 different countries

Views include throughout Washington State, Oregon, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Florida, California, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arizona, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In 2021 Summit recorded and produced our first music project under the banner of Summit MSC. The 3 song EP, ‘All I Can Sing’, has been listed to in 57 countries.



Students attended Alpha Youth (Spring and Fall sessions)


Students participated weekly in-person 


Volunteers regularly served at Summit Students

“Our two high schoolers have both said Wednesdays are their favorite days because they love Summit Students so much. It’s their chance to meet up with friends, to learn about God and the Bible in their own time and ways. Summit Students provides a safe space for kids to ask questions and grow in their faith and has been such a blessing to our family.”

Cory and Kathi Plager

“Summit Students, especially during these times, has been a great way for our kids to remain connected to others in faith, community and friendship. Regardless of the season it has been great to have something mid week for them to look forward to attending that involves connecting face to face. Thank you Summit for everything you do to continue building faith and friendship through Christ Jesus!”

Steve and Sandi Schulte

“Our middle schooler loves Summit Students! He looks forward to the weekly gatherings and the amazing special events equally. He is always warmly greeted by the staff and kids and comes home happy and energized every week. Summit Students is a Christ centered youth group and it shows!”

Travis and Joanna Semler



New Community Groups Launched


people attended Alpha in person and online


of people who have participated in a discipleship opportunity at Summit have taken a next step in their faith


Couples graduated Premarital Mentoring


volunteers regularly serve in Adult Discipleship


people walked with through personal appointments and care



Pastoral Residents

This 12-18 month program is aimed at training and developing the next generation of Pastors while using their gifts to serve the Kingdom in Spokane and throughout the world. 


Young Adults Participated in the Summit Leadership Collective 

Students (age 18-24) participated in the SLC, a three month program over the summer focussed on helping young people grow in their faith and learn how to live out the gospel in their context. 



Kids attend our weekly kids service (infant – 6th grade)


volunteers serving in Summit kids weekly or bi-weekly 


Moms attended Mommy and Me 


Kids (3rd-6th grade) attended Transform Summer Camp


families attended Summit’s annual Jingle Jam event to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Summit Kids hosted several family events including our first annual Easter Egg hunt that partnered with Safe Families and raised hundreds of dollars and items for children in need. We hosted an outdoor movie night that raised money for A child’s hope & the annual pumpkin patch was a huge family event that raised money for Bite2go.



total given

 in generosity toward community partners, missions, summer camps, church planting and so much more!


Partnered with 6 missionary groups in America and across the globe 


non-profit organizations are official Summit Community Partners 


different non-profits in the Spokane area were supported by Summit


gifts given to Community Partners and Summit families through Christmas Tags program 

“It’s been an extremely busy time and we could not be more thankful for the support we received from Summit in 2021! Our hotline has continued to ring with more and more calls coming from CPS. We are so thankful for this partnership because in so many of these situations, a child would be placed in foster care if not for the alternative of Safe Families. Our work and growth was all made possible because of the incredible support and generosity of Summit, we have been truly blessed by your commitment to this ministry and the families we serve. Thank you for truly being, In the City, For the City. I am personally honored to call Summit, home.”

Angie Newman, Safe Families for Children Spokane 

“Lidgerwood Elementary is a great beneficiary of Summit Church’s wonderful mission work.  We had a need to support 125 Bite-2-Go Meals weekly for our students after a local business was unable to sustain this support due to COVID.  Summit Church stepped up and continued the Bite-2-Go program for our students and has truly wanted to support our school beyond this food program.  In October, Summit Church dropped off over 300 pumpkins for our students for Halloween.  Next, they supported 75 families with Christmas presents for every member of the family, including parents. Summit Church completed this project with love, grace, and concern for our community.  I admire Summit Church’s Mission to help and provide support for the less fortunate! They truly are making a positive impact in the Spokane Community.  THANK YOU!!!”

Steve Barnes, Principal at Lidgerwood Elementary (a Bite2Go sponsored school)

The support that A Child’s Hope Spokane receives from Summit, both monthly and throughout the year, allows us to provide direct support and education to the foster families and kids that we serve. Summit has always been there as a constant support whether financial, Christmas gifts, volunteers, or using their building space for classes and for that we are beyond grateful.” 

Melissa Pemberton, A Child’s Hope Spokane 


It’s become a tradition to sit in the chapel and write this portion of the annual report. So here we are, after a beautiful Sunday together, reflecting on what’s taken place in our faith community this past year. Despite a continual sense that the world is on a razor’s edge this past year, what comes unmistakably into view is this; OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL! 

Nevertheless, in my day-to-day living, even in serving and leading in our church, I forget this at times. Maybe you can relate? 

In the scope of history, God’s faithfulness is staggering to consider. Time and time again, through every unknown and around every blind corner, God has proven Himself trustworthy. This year was no exception. 

Summit, as we push off the shore of 2021 into 2022, we have no clue what might be ahead of us. But this we do know because our God is with us, we are free to stay the course of the great commission and the great commandment. God will do all the heavy lifting we are incapable of doing. 

Simply put, we get to be faithful, knowing our God will be steadfast. May that bring us tremendous peace that surpasses all understanding and a courageous hope to remain focused on seeking first the Kingdom of God together. 

Jesus declared he would build his Church and that nothing would ever overcome his plan. So let’s keep betting the farm on that. Thank you for investing your lives (time, relationships, finances, and talents) into our faith community. Summit wouldn’t be the same without your unwavering commitment, generosity and trust. We are better together, and the best is yet to come! 

In Christ,