A brief snapshot that outlines some of the tangible ways we’ve seen the grace of Jesus work in the lives of people in our community.

IN 2020…

IN 2020…




Number of unique views for Sunday services 


Number of unique views for the Daily Word and Midweek Moment

Views include throughout Washington State, Oregon, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Florida, California, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arizona and South Africa.

Summit launched a Facebook group to help meet tangible needs of people in our church community and our City. This group has helped provide jobs for people, secure childcare for parents working from home through the pandemic, provide household supplies for people displaced from their homes, and provided prayer for hundreds of others.



Students attended Alpha Youth


Students participated weekly in-person (Jan-Feb & Oct-Dec)


Students participated weekly online (via Zoom)

In February of 2020, 12 students gave their lives to Jesus and 10 students made decisions to get baptized.

“This year, we got to experience Alpha Youth in two very different forms. In the Spring we had students meeting online in their table groups and then in the Fall we had a very small group meeting in person at Summit each week. The amazing thing was that the way we met didn’t change the impact that Alpha had on our students. By the end of both sessions I saw students go from not knowing one another at all, to them having deep conversations about life, God, and the world we live in.”

Sierra Harkless
Summit Students team member

“My boys were so apprehensive over coming to Summit Students. They didn’t have friends there, they didn’t want to go and just play games or whatever, but when they started coming, they both felt so welcomed and included. They’ve made real community and are excited about what they’re learning and how they’re being challenged to really know Jesus.” 

Ramah Mannan

“My son lights up when he gets to go to Summit Students. I wasn’t sure that he was interested in Christianity or his own faith, but I sent him to Summit Students one night and now, he’s the one that reminds me that, “youth group is happening tonight!” He’s learning and growing and LOVES coming home and talking about what he learned.”




Adults participating in regular community groups


Community group leaders serving


Adults participating in Alpha in-person and online


Volunteers served with Alpha


Volunteers regularly serving in Adult Discipleship at Summit

“Thank you. I am so very thankful my brother and sister-in-law both have Summit and friends support. I am so thankful to that several years ago he took me one morning to church, encouraged me to attend Alpha and God took it from there.” 


“Alpha has completely changed my perspective of God and the Bible. I am so grateful for this course and the community I now have because of Alpha.” 




Young leaders started Summit’s first Pastoral Residency Program. This one year program is aimed at training and developing the next generation of Pastors while using their gifts to serve the Kingdom in Spokane, the PNW and around the World. 


Students (age 18-24) participated in the Summit Leadership Collective, a three month program focused on helping young people grow in their faith and learn how to live out the gospel in their context.

“The Summit Leadership Collective ignited a fire that has been dormant for a long time. Without Summit and the community I gained from the SLC, my love for Jesus would not be where it is at today.”


“Summit gave me a community this summer with the SLC that I was desperately in need of. I am so grateful that I have been able to foster these Gospel-centered relationships and make life long friends.” 


“Summit brought me an amazing, Jesus-loving community that welcomes me in with open arms. I’ve learned so much about God’s word and have met tons of incredible and inspiring people along the way.”




Unique views each week for Summit Kids Online


Weekly activity bags handed out


Families attended Jingle Jam (in-person and online)

“Bringing all our kids content online has been a huge success in partnering with Summit families as well as reaching families who have never attended Summit. We have had families who have never walked into the building watching our content online. Families in AZ engaging with community weekly thanks to zoom and youtube. Parents who want bible stories and worship songs for their littles to watch instead of baby shark on Youtube are thrilled! The weekly activity bags have given parents insight to what goes on in our classrooms, and has given them a role in teaching their children about their faith.”

Summit Kids Director



total given

in generosity toward community partners, missions, summer camps, church planting and so much more!


local organizations are official Summit Community Partners


different non-profit organizations were supported by Summit


meals delivered via the Bite2Go program in partnership with Second Harvest to kids and families in need


Summit Volunteers served with at least one of our community partners


Christmas gifts given to community partners and Summit families

“Summit’s continual missional support helps meet direct crisis needs and provides care recipients with advocates in their corner. Gifts given to families over the Christmas season help create memories and spread hope during an otherwise traditionally tough season for those in the industry. Simply put, it takes a village to provide authentic care to those in crisis, and Big Table is incredibly honored to be in partnership with Summit for the good of others and the glory of God.”

Big Table

“Summit Church has continued to be a leader in our community in the fight against poverty, particularly hunger, and 2020 was no exception! During a time when some churches have been forced to make budget cuts, especially to their ministry partnerships in the community, Summit has done just the opposite. Summit volunteers served faithfully at an emergency food distribution site, which was created out of the need for food assistance to our community members because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  At every turn, Summit church has stepped up to help the most vulnerable in our city, and for that we are very grateful!” 

Bite2Go (2nd Harvest)



Average weekly participation (in-person and online)


Kids received shoes, a backpack, school supplies, and hygiene products through a partnership with Cheney’s Back2School event


Gifts provided for families through the Cheney Giving Tree


Gifts provided for senior citizens through the Cheney Marketplace



Average weekly participation (in-person and online)


Kids received shoes, a backpack, school supplies, and hygiene products through a partnership with Cheney’s Back2School event


Gifts provided for families through the Cheney Giving Tree


Gifts provided for senior citizens through the Cheney Marketplace



Volunteers served


Services produced and recorded

“In a year that has hit hard, Summit met the moment. In the midst of a global pandemic, the Holy Spirit used Summit to transform my relationship with Jesus. Amid a lockdown, my home went from a place of loneliness to a place of worship. I re-learned how to worship in my own home as I attended one knock-out virtual service after another. I can’t thank this church enough for diligently following the lead of the Holy Spirit and for continually lifting my head up toward Heaven.”

Andrew Lewis

“Even with the changes and uncertainty that came in the year 2020, Summit has been a constant light and sense of home for me. Whether we were meeting online or in-person with restrictions, Summit’s pastors and community have continued to pour out God’s love and compassion while navigating the their own experiences of constant change. They provided normalcy, understanding, and an opportunity for everyone to experience the Good News. Summit has impacted me in 2020 by reminding me to continue to anchor my hope in Christ alone, to continue to keep my eyes on Jesus, and to continue to trust in His goodness and faithfulness.”

Wylie Rhodes


I’m writing this letter in the chapel at our South campus, the room is empty and silent (the introvert in me loves it), but it doesn’t feel right. We are better together. As I reflect on this past year, I think a few things need to be said. 

First, as a faith community, our confidence is in the Lord. This year has put that to the test, but I discern we would collectively say amen to that truth. Our confidence is in the Lord. God has proven himself good and faithful in a year riddled with disorienting moments. The church’s mission, to worship God with singular devotion, proclaim the gospel in words and action, and living missionally as disciples, remain our church’s heartbeat. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve as your pastor and follow Jesus alongside you. Together we are seeking first the Kingdom of God and will continue to do so in the days ahead. 

Secondly, the world needs Jesus! I’m convinced of this, now more so than ever. Jesus and the gospel’s potency brings peace to the chaos, hope to the hopeless, healing to the hurting, and life to the lifeless. It’s humbling to think that we are alive for such a time as this. Serving our community is a tremendously tall task. But we have everything we need to do just that because God has provided us with his Son, his Word, the Holy Spirit and each other. In a year that has been challenging, Summit is full of changed lives and awakened souls. The Spirit of God is moving in us and through us. 

Lastly, in obedient dependence on Jesus, we’ve invested our lives (time, talents, finances, prayers) in what matters the most — loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We care for God’s creation because God is transforming us by his grace to be more and more like Jesus. Our faithfulness to live for Jesus makes an impact for the Kingdom of God. I hope you can take a moment to receive joy in knowing that God is using your faithful and sacrificial giving as a vehicle for the gospel’s proclamation. Real people are experiencing hope and healing, life and liberty of Jesus, in part through our giving. 

Thank you for being in this with us. Thank you for continuing to trust Jesus. 

Summit wouldn’t be the same without your unwavering commitment to our church family! I believe that our best days as a church are ahead of us, and I’m so grateful that we are on this journey of following Jesus together! 

In Christ, 

Grant Bruscoe