2023 Year in Review


A brief snapshot that outlines some of the tangible ways we’ve seen the grace of Jesus work in the lives of people in our community.


We are so grateful that we get to be a part of such a beautiful, vibrant community of faith. We believe Summit is special, and it wouldn’t be what it is without the service and sacrifice of people like you!

Below you will find our 2023 annual report to provide you some tangible information that highlights the impact that you are having as a partner of the vision and mission of Summit Church. As you browse this report, we hope you are reminded of the individual lives in our community and around the world that have been impacted because of your generosity, your prayers and your support. 

We are so excited and expectant for what God is going to do in your life and through our church in 2023. 



Average in person attendance between our two campuses


people attended Easter with Summit between our two campuses and online


people attended Christmas with Summit between our two campuses and online


Number of unique views of Summit online services (including 34,905 live views)


Number of downloads of Summit Audio Podcast in over 60 different countries




Servant leaders volunteered their time to serve our community and city in 2023


Hours serving our community and city in 2023 



Community Groups (including 609 participants) regularly gather together for Gospel Community


people attended discipleship + spiritual formation classes at Summit


people participated in 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting


young adults participating in community with 16 host families for monthly dinners within the Summit U-District community


people experienced support, healing & freedom in Christ through opportunities like Summit Premarital, Men’s Recovery, Financial Peace University, Divorce Care, Pure Desire, GreifShare, Unraveled, Betrayal & Beyond and other support + recovery opportunities


people took their next step of faith in Jesus and were baptized

“It is no exaggeration when I say that our community group has been life changing for all of us. We have recognized the spiritual growth in each other, even if we can’t see it in ourselves. We are individuals with many differences – ages, experience, background, occupation, interests but we are certain it is the Lord who brought us together, with our common goal to deepen our relationship with Him. With Christ at the center of our relationships, we have established bonds of love and trust and honesty – a sisterhood that extends beyond our meetings to sitting in church together and sometimes getting together during the week.”



326 KIDS

+200 Volunteers participated in Summit Kids VBS

OVER 600

families participated in Summit’s Easter Egg hunt, Deck the Halls, the Great Pumpkinfest, Summer movie nights and Back to school Bash


Kids + Students Baptized


Middle School + High School Students Attended Collide Summer Camp


 Students participated in missions work with Summit Students 


Junior High + High School Students regularly serving our church and city

As a parent whose kids are served and blessed by Summit kids, giving back in a small way by volunteering has been a gift. Seeing firsthand how the staff works tirelessly to put together a wonderful plan each week has been humbling. The interaction and appreciation from parents is always uplifting, and the kids grow in their faith and social skills with each passing week in a supportive environment. I’ve also had the huge honor of watching children who were never able to make it through a service overcome those obstacles and get to the point of real joy and engagement


I have been so blessed by the little people in Summit Kids. They have breathed new life into my heart when I really needed it. I get so much out of it, possibly even more than they do. I knew there was a need in kids ministry but I have been so overwhelmed by the joy & fun these kids bring to our family. No church is perfect but Summit is doing a great job loving and serving families.



What did God teach you in 2023?

In the last year, god taught me to not listen to my flesh but listen to god. God has a way for things to work and we must trust in him. We must be fully Christ centered and that includes our day to day lives.

Caleb Witherup

God taught me this year that he always has a plan and that patience is key!! Even when things seem difficult and I wonder how I’m going to get through a certain situation, He always takes care of me. Putting your trust in God is so important!

Kidd Mannan

In 2023, God showed me the church body. I had never really experienced the fullness of that type of community until this year, but the love, truth, and wisdom spoken over you when you are open about your life, invest in others, and are in a community or friendship that is rooted in Christ is unmatchable. The verse “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (from Proverbs 27:17) comes to mind.

Maddie Parris



total given in 2023


given to community partners + affiliates and missions in 2023

$1.47 Million

total given toward generosity over the past 5 years

$2.5 Million

total given toward generosity over the past 10 years


missionary groups regularly supported across the globe in the following countries: Mexico, Uganda, Thailand, India, US, Philippines


Different non-profit organizations served in our city


gifts given to families in our City through Christmas giving tags in partnership with 16 local organizations


meals provided to food-insecure kids through Summit’s partnership with Bite2Go

I would like to express our extreme gratitude for all Summit has done and continues to do for our Hutton families. Many assume that since Hutton is in an affluent neighborhood that there may not be a need for resources. But, I can assure you that many of our families who may not live right by the school, have benefited from the many donations, services and resources Summit has provided. From Bite to Go for over 50 kids, to winter gear for our entire Newcomers (brand new families to the United States) classroom, to pumpkins for many of our Hutton families and teachers we just can’t thank you enough. We also are very excited to be welcoming volunteers to read with our students during lunch in the comings weeks. Your positive impact has reached so many. Our heartfelt gratitude to the best community partners around.

Gretchen Snider, School Counselor
Hutton Elementary

Summit has been the biggest blessing for Lifeline Children’s Services here in Spokane. The church has went above and beyond to make it easier for us to focus on our mission of serving the foster community in our city. By providing us office space, providing monthly support, and partnering with us throughout the year to meet the various needs of our families, we have had the ability to spend more of our time and resources on directly serving the families and children in our daily work. Many of our families as well as our staff also attend Summit, and I think it is wonderful to see how connected and supported our families feel at church. We are thankful for the partnership and love we continue to receive from Summit, I always feel confident that when our agency and/or families need something, Summit will show up for our community.

Jessica Flores, Lifeline Children’s Services


Dear Summit Family, 

In 2023, we remained resilient in our mission by helping people come to, grow in, and live for Jesus. Your commitment to giving, both of your resources and yourselves, has made a profound impact on our congregation and beyond. Reflecting on the countless ways our community has grown and thrived, I am reminded of the powerful transformation that occurs when we come together as the body of Christ. Here is what I see happening.

We have witnessed the lonely & isolated forming genuine connections, and discovering meaningful relationships in the context of the communities you have built together.

Jesus’ powerful message of love and redemption, has brought freedom to those caught in addiction. Through your support, lives have been liberated from these chains of darkness, and individuals are now walking in the light of Christ. Grace that flows freely has become a wellspring of hope for those once consumed by sin.

People are experiencing hope and healing in the name of Jesus. You have extended compassionate care and support to those who are hurting, offering a sanctuary where broken spirits can be mended, and wounded souls can find solace in the embrace of our Savior.

The message of grace has also ignited a spark of purpose and identity. As lives have been transformed, individuals are discovering what it truly means to live a new life in Christ. It is a testament to the power of the Good News.

Moreover, we have witnessed an outpouring of love and service, motivated by God’s great love. As people step into their general and unique callings, our church is growing in both depth and breadth. Your commitment to serving others is a beautiful reflection of the love that God has poured into our hearts. I’m personally just as if not more passionate to partner together in helping people come to, grow in and live for Jesus. Your faithful giving has been a catalyst for transformation, and I am excited to see how God will continue to use us to impact lives for His glory.

In Christ, 

Pastor Grant Bruscoe