Thank you for joining our Alpha Leadership team!  

Here are some additional resources for you:

Alpha Team Guide

For small group Hosts and Helpers.  It includes notes from the training session videos, and suggested questions to help guide the discussion time for each Alpha session (click on the link below).

Questions of Life

A step-by-step guide to the basics of the Christian faith by one of the world’s most respected leaders (Nicky Gumbel, the pioneer of Alpha).  This book explores key themes, questions, and objections to faith (click on the links below).

Searching Issues

From “Why does God allow Suffering?” to “Is faith irrational?”  Common objections to the Christian faith are explored and discussed.  In this book, Nicky Gumbel offers an engaging, insightful and accessible response to the tough questions that surround faith and Christianity in the modern world (click on the links below).