Advent Devotional Bible Reading Plan

Christmas is in the air…snow falling, lights twinkling, people shopping…and a baby crying-  a baby, who changed the world, a savior who daily wants to engage our hearts throughout the year and throughout this season of Advent. The season of Advent encompasses the four Sundays before Christmas. A traditional way to celebrate Advent is with an Advent wreath of candles. The candle flames can be seen as the growing light of Christ who is coming again in all fullness into the darkness of our world. We watch and wait with the Holy Spirit for Christ’s coming into the darkness of our world, lighting candles of hope, peace, joy, and love; and remembering the promises of God with prayer.

This daily devotional is a way for us to celebrate Advent. For the month of December, we are going to unpack Advent. At the center of it all is Jesus. He is God’s self-revelation to us. Jesus is God living as a human; “Immanuel”, the angel said, God has come to earth; God is with his people; God is with us; God gives us hope, peace, joy, and love- not just to know about, but to experience as we read, journal, and pray.

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