Day 4: Thursday, January 11, 2024

Written by Pastor Amy 

Take a moment to pause, be still, and prepare your heart and mind to receive God’s word. 

READ: Isaiah 55:8-11 

How convicting and yet equally reassuring this passage is. To discover that the world and the people around me aren’t dependent on my thoughts or ways and their limited reach.

But yet– how often do I operate as if they do? 

Focusing on, staring at all I oversee in my sphere of influence, my never ending to-do list, the problems I need to creatively solve, the people I presume must need my opinion or critique, 

the ways I desire to make a positive impact, keeping it all and everyone that depends on me afloat… You get the idea. Now fill in the blanks with your own predisposed tendencies of order or control or people pleasing– and your self imposed burden to solve or fix it all. 

What if instead of staring at our lives and glancing at God– we did the opposite? 

Began staring at God and glancing at our lives through the lens of how big and powerful and in control God declares to us he is.  

Sometime during the 15+ years that my son battled with addiction, I discovered this Isaiah 55 passage. And it was epiphany-like. So incredibly freeing. 

I could release all my fears– my overwhelmed mama’s heart for my boy to a God that was far bigger than me. He was in control when everything around me was profoundly not. 

I couldn’t fix it, alter it, steer it, out think or out strategize it.

I couldn’t carry it or even begin to stay ahead of it. 

But what could I do? 

I could repent and begin to trust God with it.

For his thoughts and his ways were far above my own.

Read the passage again. Where do you need to surrender control to God and acknowledge his sovereignty? Where do you need to repent? Believing that God and his word will reign above and beyond anything you could think or imagine.

God– what freedom you are offering me as I acknowledge who you are and who I am not. Please forgive me. Reorient my thoughts and my ways to yours which are so far beyond and higher than mine. Teach me to see who you are through that adjusted lens.

Take a moment today to journal (or have your kids draw a picture of) what God might be saying to you through this scripture passage and then find a time to share altogether.