Day 17: Exalt the Lord 

Today’s Scripture:

Look, God is all-powerful. Who is a teacher like him? No one can tell him what to do, or say to him, ‘You have done wrong.’ Instead, glorify his mighty works, singing songs of praise. Everyone has seen these things, though only from a distance. Look, God is greater than we can understand. His years cannot be counted.

Job 36:22-26

Additional Scriptures:
Psalm 34:3
Proverbs 21:30
Psalm 75:6-7
Philippians 2:8-10

Prayer + Reflection

  1. Pray for spiritual discernment about the personal strengths, gifts or experiences that can become idols and impart your perspective of God’s sovereignty.
  2. Take authority over negative thoughts and lies from the enemy that contradict the truth of God’s word and His promises. Confess them to God and pray for those things specifically.
  3. Ask God for a fresh revelation of His grandeur to eclipse any problems or anxiety you are currently facing. 

Family Moment

Write a family worship song together. List things you love about God. Then, put those things into lyrics. Even if it’s just one verse, you now have a worship song.